Drain Unblocking

Do you need your drain unblocked?

Regency Plumbing will be able to help you. Regency Plumbing provided a great service. They were prompt to quote and very competitive. They arrived on schedule and worked professionally and quickly. We recommend them most highly. Dawn Garbett, Glendowie


ONLY $150 + GST

Call Out $55 + GST

Labour $95 + GST Per / Hour (You will be charged a minimum of one hour)

This will allow for our drain unblocking service man to be on site for up to one hour. If we are more than one hour, you will be charged quarter hourly there after.

Over and above this you will be charged for consumable cleaning equipment, disposable gloves, etc (anything we reasonably need to safely and hygenically complete the task at hand)

If we are not successful in unblocking the drain within 15 minutes using a plunger, or manual operated hand tool, we will revert to using a machine which will incur additional hire fees. There is obviously no point us spending hours trying to unblock a drain though without using a machine as it would cost you more in the end, so we will make the best decision on the day, choosing what equipment is best to use.

If you need your drains unblocked fast, then call us now.

unblocking-basin or sink


plunging blocked toilet - regency plumbing

drainage rod to unblock toilet

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Drainage Machine HIRE

Where we cant get a fixture unblocked within about 15 minutes using basic tools we will need a machine. Also if it is your main sewer line, or stormwater pipes underground, that is blocked we will need a machine. We have a few different machines to get the job done.


ONLY $120 + GST

We will generally start or attempt to unblock every drain first with our new 3000 PSI pulsating jetter that flushes out most drains by sending a whopping 4 gallons per minute down the drain at very high pressure.

Most drains will be unblocked real quick with this machine. There is not too much that will not get blown right of the way.

Should there be heavy roots that have grown into the drain we will use our K-1500.

If you need your drains unblocked fast, then call us now.

727 mini jet drain unblocker

drain unblocking auckland - regency plumbing

regency plumbing using minim jet to unblock drains in auckland

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ONLY $90 + GST

Have you got roots blocking your drain?

If we come across heavy roots and the jetter cant get through we will pull out the K-1500.

It has a rotating spring coil which twists a root cutting head down through the pipe to clean out any roots that have grown into the drain. Particularly in old earthern-ware drains this is quite common.

Please be aware though, if you have had an ongoing problem of roots growing into your drains, it is probably time we sent a camera down, found the problem area, dug it up and repaired it permanently by installing a new section of solid pipe.

k1500 sectional machine with root cutter

rigid k 1500 root cutter to unblock drains



ONLY $290 + GST

We are one of the very first in NZ to operate one of Spartan’s latest all-in-one sewer inspection camera systems. We have one of the first 4 units with increased camera resolution to 640, and upgraded app/camera connectivity, making for smoother video images and greatly improved wireless connection. The new Traveler makes finding and seeing the obstruction easier and clearer. If you need to know whats happening down your drain - we can show you clearer than you have ever been able to see before.

Best of all we can deal with it for you.

If you need your drains unblocked fast, then call us now.
drain inspections and locater - sewer camera - cctv

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We also do drainage for new buildings and alterations.

We also sometimes have to dig up old pipes to make repairs.

We have diggers available to enable us to get to the broken pipes so we can get your drains flowing again.

digger making access to pipes under ground

drainage fittings to complete drains

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